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Money for Nothing

Contract Termination We have been asked a question around contract termination a couple of times recently. Although the facts were slightly different in each case, the general principle behind the issue was the same. So we thought it might be helpful to write a blawg... read more

Consent, consent, consent!

We are always harping on about data protection and consent to our clients and here is why… Marketing lists The ICO has recently fined a company £270,000 for making automated marketing calls without the appropriate consent. The reason this is interesting is because the... read more

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar

Cookies and cookie requirements have been about for some time now, but there is still some confusion over exactly what website operators need to do to comply with them. The starting position is that you must: • tell people if you set cookies • clearly explain what the... read more

Inside job

You may have seen in the news recently that Three’s systems have been hacked. It is reported that the hackers gained access to over 130,000 customers details. This raises the issue of Data Protection, which has also been news worthy recently. In this instance the... read more

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