Getting your contracting process in order doesn’t have to be a “house of pain”! Now is the time to “jump around” and get ready for 2017.


We know that contracts can leave you with a “massive attack” of “teardrops”, however at Lawpoint we try to be your contract “angels” and give you some of the tools and knowledge you need to get simple strategies in place to help take the pain away.
Having a simple contracting strategy in place is a really good way of channelling the focus and resources of your business.
Your processes and procedures should be built around understanding when you are contractually bound to supply your goods or services and managing the pre-contractual aspects leading up to this as slickly as possible.
Whilst a written contract is not generally a legal requirement, it can be helpful so that everyone involved knows what has been agreed. A simple solution is having standard terms and conditions in place which then ‘talk’ to a document setting out the commercial details (price, payment, services etc) meaning you won’t need to change your T&Cs each time you use them. You might not then need to change them for a while unless your business develops.
See our previous blog on ‘To sign or not to sign’ about the risks of not getting your T&Cs signed each time you enter into a relationship with a client/customer.
Hopefully by taking a few simple steps you’ll be able to see the “house of the rising sun” on the horizon so you can stop being a “mardy bum”!


Song Tiltles

*If you notice a “few” song references in here – no we’re not just crazy! This stems from our recent Digital Law Scrum… and Bacon where attendees told us their favourite song and we set Lawpoint’s Junior Legal Consultant, Alison, the challenge of incorporating them into a blog! If you “just can’t get enough” of our helpful hints and tips then just “like a prayer” we’ll be running further events so keep an eye out in the near future.

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