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We review, draft, negotiate and advise on all sorts of business contracts in a wide range of sectors

Whether you need a contract or terms and conditions written from scratch, want to get your existing terms and conditions into shape so they actually make sense to your business and protect you, or you want get that all-important customer contract over the line, or you’re not sure if it’s ok to accept some changes made by your customer, or you need all or any of the above on an ongoing basis we can help. We can and do handle contracts/ data protection on a volume basis turning around markups and identifying solutions as and when they crop up.

We’re often asked to review a contract sent to a client by a customer or supplier or to review changes made by a customer to client terms and conditions of sale. We can be as detailed or as brief as you like!

Our high-level de-risking report is very popular!


We write contracts from scratch or we can provide wording or updates for specific areas of concern for businesses. Data protection and intellectual property input are frequently requested.


The point of negotiation is to end up with a contract that is mutually acceptable to both sides. Negotiation is not just about the contract itself, it’s about the bargaining position of the parties, the stakeholders in the process, and a company’s bottom lines and attitude to risk and finding solutions.

We advise throughout the process of reviewing, drafting and negotiation, but sometimes, you might just want a legal-sounding board. If you have a fundamental business model decision to make, you might benefit from having a lawyer involved in that process, see our Strategic Workshop services here.


If you have any questions, one of our team will be able to help.

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