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Data protection has many arms and legs and it can feel very overwhelming to the uninitiated. It’s hard and time-consuming trying to understand something which is not your core business or specialty. It’s so detailed! Businesses don’t need to know everything about every aspect of the GDPRs. They just need to know what their GDPR risk profile is so they can manage it.

You can dip in and ask us a one-off question, right through to ongoing support.

Our data protection services include:

• One-off audit to establish your business GDPR risk profile and recommendations.
• Set up packages including a Small Business GDPR Set-Up Package.
• Support on-demand – one-off support e.g DPIA, GDPR Breach.
• Ongoing support – if you need ongoing data protection support, we can help. If you are Data Protection Officer and see support, we can help.
• Outsourced Data Protection Officer – taking care of data protection strategy, programme and day-to-day data protection matters.
• GDPR Breach: see GDPR breach
• Training

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, why not contact Lawpoint for a free, exploratory chat over coffee?

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