High quality legal services shouldn’t be time-consuming and costly. 

We have a thoughtful, cost-sensitive approach to pricing.


Our approach to pricing is simple

We keep our costs low and pass on the benefits, which means that our prices can be as low as
half the market rate depending on what’s needed.

Our business model differs from traditional
law firms:


We play to our strengths in contract law


We carefully manage our costs and margins


We don’t occupy high-end office space


We operate in niche markets with appropriate services


De-regulation frees us from unnecessary bureaucracy


We avoid, or deal swiftly with, your contractual issues

Lawpoint proved to be a wise investment. Their knowledge of B2B terms and conditions helped us to protect our work and to streamline our processes. They’ve not only written our new T&C’s, they’ve provided the necessary guidance on how best to implement them and draw them to our customers’ attention.

Lawpoint has tailored everything to our needs and I can’t thank them or rate them highly enough. I would highly recommend their services!

Rad Dougall

Head Honcho, Lumiserv

I have worked very closely with Lawpoint on two new start-up business ventures. One was in a heavily regulated industry (B2B and B2C internet-based supply business) and the other an online social bookmarking site for curating and sharing links from the internet and real world items (gift ideas for any gifting event).

Both had very different business models but Lawpoint had the ability to understand the complexities of the individual businesses and advised accordingly. They added value to the businesses because of their vast experience of the law, specifically contracts. Lawpoint is a great asset to any business, whether experienced or just starting out, and their enthusiasm for my business to succeed is infectious and certainly helps overcome the inevitable hurdles that will be encountered along the way.

Alex Gow

Owner, MyGiftClues.com


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